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Breaking Bad S03E10 Fly

2010-05-24 09:58:00 GMT
DiGiB0X72 Trusted


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Release Type.....: HDTV
Series...........: Breaking Bad
Genre............: Drama
Episode..........: S03E10
Title............: Fly
Production Code..: 310
Orig. Air Date...: 23 May 2010
Release Date.....: 23 May 2010


I would have more information about this upload like sounds channels, and sound quality too!
If this isn't real your family is dead

- Just kidding
I'm gonna vote fake
1) .rar for no reason when CTU doesnt rar there files
2) Other torrents dont watch file size: Your FQM boondocks torrent is 187mb. The FQM boondocks episode is 175mb from eztv which is an official source.

LOL @ MitchC9. You don't have a fucking cluueee what you're on about.

CTU and all proper scene release groups rar their files. Eztv is not scene, they simply unrar and upload other groups releases which is pathetic.

It makes no sense that this should be fake, so stop whining when you don't pay shit to see this.

I hate the "fuck rars" mentality, NONE of these releases are meant for you in the first place, so shut your mouths.
It's good! NOT FAKE. Thanks, DiGiBOX72!


Codec: AVC1
Resolution: 1280 × 720
Frame Rate: 23.976215 fps
Total Runtime: 46 min 59 sec


Codec: A52
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: 384000 Kb/s

RAR is simple to use. Just get a free trial version of WinRAR, then get a serial keygen via BitTorrent to make a permanent license. You're already using BitTorrent to get other stuff, why not WinRAR?!?!
Not fake, apologies to uploader. Seeing uploaded files named identically to other files from reputable sources yet at a different file size is a legitimate reason for suspicion though give me a break,
This was the WEIRDEST episode yet.

A: 10
V: 10

The differing sizes is cause for paying closer attention. What causes it in non-malicious cases? Man, no idea, I suspect it occurs as the release travels from middleman to middleman. Eventually someone unwraps it, removes the sample, repacks. Or even worse, someone sneaks adverts in.
@ podivan
Shut your festering cake hole you ignorant little shit... WTF are you doing here boy?
If someone has a concern they have a right to voice it. If you can't handle acting like anything more than an arrogant little brat then I suggest you shut you stupid fucking mouth little bitch.
This is definitely not a fake, video quality is great. Audio on the other hand is so fucking low I can barely here it with all audio levels set to max. WTF!
Awesome can you rush the 11th episode please.
Thank you!